The success of Girls Nite Out Productions has been based on the support we’ve received from the greater Burlington community; therefore, it is with great joy that to honor the 5th anniversary of our company, the Co-Founders and Board of Directors announce an annual $500 scholarship awarded to a young woman completing high school or technical school who plans to continue her education in the Performing or Technical Arts.


The successful recipient will be a High School or Technical School graduate who has:

1. Documented involvement in the performing arts through school productions, community/professional theater, or other area production companies;
2. Confirmed continuing interest in the performing arts.
3. Developed educational/career goals that are directly connected to the performing arts (theater, music, dance, directing, producing, or technical theater);

Applicant must also confirm that she plans to attend college or a professional theatrical training program beginning in September, 2017.

1. Complete the Scholarship Application.

2. Provide two Letters of Recommendation from the Applicant’s drama or music director, or an adult who has supervised /instructed the applicant in the performing arts or technical aspects of theater.

Please send both the Scholarship Application and the Letters of Recommendation in a sealed envelope marked “Scholarship” to Girls Nite Out Productions, P.O. Box 4037, Burlington, VT 05406.

Applications are due by April 1st, and a decision will be made by May 15, 2017.

2016 Scholarship Award Recipients

Because of the caliber of the nominees whose applications we received, Girls Nite Out’s Board of Directors unanimously decided to make two awards instead of the one for which we had planned. Our two award recipients embody the qualities most highly prized by Girls Nite Out—artistic excellence combined with a collaborative, generous spirit and a commitment to using their skills and talents to elevate and inspire.

PearlPearl Guerriere

From a letter of recommendation on behalf of award-recipient Pearl Guerriere: “Pearl is a compelling young performer—actor, singer, dancer—she’s also humble and ever-striving toward being better. Moreover, she’s a treat to work with—respectful, responsible, hard-working, collaborative, receptive, fun-loving, and well-liked by all. Her peers lean in when she takes the stage and they speak admiringly of her work when she leaves it.”


Isabella Bertoni

One letter of reference for Isabella Bertoni identified her unique combination of “joyful artistic passion and serious intelligence. She is an intelligent artist whose kindness and positive energy can transform a room and a stage. In an environment of a musical rehearsal with adolescents, Isabella stands out as a leader for her maturity, discipline, and observation skills. Young girls look up to her as a role model.”


Both of these young artists embody the qualities that our organization so deeply values. Our communities have been elevated by having young women like Pearl and Isabella among us. Congratulations to both of you from Girls Nite Out, and best of everything as your bright futures unfold!