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A sunny room on an upper floor is prime real estate in the Bristol Place Assisted Living Community, so when the cantankerous Abby is forced to share her quarters with new-arrival Marilyn, she has no choice but to get rid of the infuriatingly chipper woman by any means necessary. A seemingly harmless bet between the old women quickly escalates into a dangerous game of one-upmanship that reveals not just the tenacity of these worthy opponents, but also deeper truths that each would rather remain hidden. As heartfelt as it is deliciously inappropriate, this hilarious Vermont premiere marks the 9th production for Girls Nite Out.


One Role Open!

We are still is seeking a Male 20s – 30s (willing to go older) to play Scotty. Scotty is a Resident Aide in a Senior Assisted Living Community. He is sweet, funny, endlessly patience and caring. If you’re interested in auditioning, please contact Director Abbie Tykocki.  For more information visit our Audition Page.

Show Dates

October 5th – 7th @ 7:30pm
October 8th @ 2:00pm

October 12th – 14th @ 7:30pm
October 14th @ 2:00pm


all shows will be held at the
Black Box Theater
Main Street Landing

Burlington, VT


Rehearsals will be held at various Chittenden County locations. Rehearsals will begin after 6:30pm during the workweek, and after 10:00 AM on weekends. The rehearsal schedule will be developed after casting and will be based upon availability of the cast, team and rehearsal space. There will be a few rehearsals mostly consisting of table work sprinkled throughout May, June and July. Rehearsals will be scheduled regularly during August and September.

All this audition info can be found on the Ripcord Audition Info Sheet  and the Ripcord Audition Form which can be downloaded here.

For questions concerning the show and auditions, please feel free to email Abbie Tykocki, Director   For more show information, return to the Ripcord Show Page.